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Appendix A — Networking and social activities

As you get more experienced in coding, the role of your network becomes increasingly important both for continued learning, but also for collaboration with others skilled in R. So, part of the course is also about getting to know others!

So while we have formal social activities, try to seek out someone you haven’t met yet or who you haven’t chatted with as much during the lunch breaks.

Day 1

After lunch we will do a rapid “meet-and-greet” activity. Depending on the space available, we’ll form two parallel lines, each person facing across with another person, with some space on the sides of each person so you can hear what each other is saying. A timer will be set for 4 minutes, and after it goes off, move two (2) to the the right. People on the ends of each line will move to the other side, to face the person who they used to be standing beside. Each person has 2 minutes to introduce themselves (name only) and to share your thoughts on one of these questions.

  • Why are you here and what do you want to learn besides R?
  • Have you done any courses that teach how to do coding for data processing and cleaning?
  • How did you hear about this course?

Day 2

After lunch, get in your group and walk outside while discussing these topics:

  • Share a positive or exciting experience you had with cleaning, processing, and preparing data for later analysis. It can be recent or in the past, but as long as it was a memorable and positive. What made it positive? Do you try to repeat that experience, or at least the feeling of it?
  • Share a challenging experience or barriers that you encounter while cleaning, processing, and preparing data. Why was it challenging or had barriers and how could you limit those for for next time?